Modern Colony
Art & Design Studio




Modern Colony is an art and design studio based out of Charleston, SC. We focus on creating design solutions that are clear, compelling and straightforward.


Each product we offer is the result of a passion project. Items are crafted by hand, in small batches. We make items with intuition, intention and a disregard for preciousness. Each item is grounded in accessibility and functionality – never futility.

We maintain a deep consideration for the wellbeing of ourselves and our planet. It is important to us that we create products that are as useful and environmentally-friendly as they are beautiful which is why we carefully source and evaluate every material and ingredient we use. We exercise great care and consideration for the sustainability of each material and the methods of production we employ. We are proud to partner with artisans and retailers alike who share our vision and belief in thoughtful, intentional design – creating less, creating better and creating as sustainably as possible

We use recyclable and reusable packaging, work with US-based craftsmen, and continuously reassess each project looking for ways to reduce our footprint.